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Marc Bramoullé

Marc Bramoullé

Enterprise Content Manager

Driving License
Montreal Canada (Québec)
Employed Open to opportunities
Hey there! I'm Marc Bramoullé, a digital strategist and content manager from Montréal, Canada.

From 2007 to 2014, I've been working as product owner on multiple web projects: Intranets, enterprise social network, media library, tags management system, enterprise search, internal resume.

I'm now managing Ubisoft ECM team, composed of taxonomist, SEO manager, community managers, product owners & content specialists.

Our mission is to organize & promote key content within the company (9,000 employees worldwide).

My expertise is in the following areas: scrum, community management, UX, information architecture, taxonomy, SEO and content strategy.
  • Handle the Enterprise content management department;
  • Manage a team of 11 people: community managers, content strategists & product owners
  • Define the overall Enterprise content strategy, to guide management of key content internally, from creation to archiving policies. I prioritize ECM projects accordingly
  • Support internal teams in their content management needs. Concretely, we interpret and conduct user research, we deliver content inventories, content audit, content matrix, content governance, content workflows, content templates among many others
  • Oversee the following web projects: enterprise search, enterprise social network, internal resume, Media library, tags management system, web analytics tool and Intranets templates
  • Define processes and methodologies to manage efficiently ECM projects (scrum, user research, projects KPI, web product lifecycle)
  • Build the editorial calendar, and the community management roadmap (online live events, articles, interviews, videos, etc)
  • Communicate and negotiate with multiple stakeholders (top managers, IT directors, HR & Communication VPs)
  • Defined and prioritized functional requirements for the enterprise social network (on Sharepoint 2010). Launched in July 2011;
  • Implemented an agile methodology within a team of 30 people located in Bucharest, Shanghai & Paris - Coordination with the Product Owner, the Scrum Master and the developers;
  • Managed Internal community actions - newsletters, blog articles, live events, video editing;
  • Produced and analyzed indicators to optimize the social network's performance (KPI & ROI);
  • Managed a multidisciplinary team (community manager, data analyst, business analysts, project manager).
Detailed Description
  • Writing of general functional specification documents and recently of user stories;
  • Community management strategy to foster collaboration between users and to federate the Ubisoft teams (about 9,000 employees worldwide);
  • Platform promotion among the Ubisoft management via a monthly dashboard and one to one meetings;
  • Statistics: 53% of employees connected to the social network weekly, more than 20% daily and more than 240 contributions posted each week;
  • ROI: Ongoing definition and follow up
    Early returns have already been identified - For instance, the social network has allowed multiple employees to find the correct in-house expert at the right moment and thus to save time.
Company Description
This is a French video game development and publishing company. Created in 1986 in Carentoir (Morbihan), Ubisoft is the world’s third largest publisher of video games (after Blizzard and Electronic Arts).
Ubisoft employs over 9,000 people worldwide.
Company website
  • Managed communication plans targeting operators (employees based in factories).
    I had to perform an "audit" about information accessibility in factories, then recommend relevant actions (newsletters sent to personal email addresses, Extranet);
  • Managed participatory innovation projects. The challenge was to sensitize and mobilize employees about the simplification of internal processes. Each one and everyone can suggest ideas, rates and interact with others' ideas through a dedicated website;
  • Performed Internal survey, - more than 30 top managers answered to it. Analysis of all the feedback, presentation of the conclusions to the Chief Human Resources, communication actions recommended.
Company Description
Arkema is a French company in the chemical industry.

Created in 2004, Arkema is located in forty countries with more than 80 industrial factories in Europe, America and Asia as well as commercial subsidiaries located in different parts of the world.

The Arkema Group operates in France with over 10,000 people spread over nearly 30 manufacturing sites.

The three major activities of Arkema (Vinyl products, industrial chemicals and performance products) combine coherent and integrated industrial sectors, most of them occupying prominent positions among the European and world leaders, with internationally recognized brands and products.
Company website
  • Managed Intranet revamp; User tests and focus groups, gathering of needs & prioritization of features;
  • Coordinated communication between the technical Integrator & Monoprix;
  • Designed the information structure and trained contributors.
Detailed Description
  • Coordination of website content production;
  • Establishment of a barometer to assess Intranet user satisfaction.
Company Description
Monoprix is a company in the French retail sector. It was the first to create the concept of "City markets" in the 80s.

The group cares for its image through communication centered on the quality of its products, the pleasure they provide and in general the improvement in the lives of the French. Monoprix also agrees on the issues of fair trade and sustainable development.

The price range has undergone a significant increase (about 15% more expensive than Leclerc). In return, the company diversifies its offer (Dailymonop, Beauty Monop, Monop).
Monoprix in figures: 300 stores, 18,000 employees, a presence in 85% of cities with over 50,000 inhabitants, a turnover of almost 4 million Euros before tax.
Company website
  • Defined information structure;
  • Created and integrated content;
  • Defined and deployed the communication plan.
Detailed Description
  • Management of deadlines and the budget.
Company Description
Sofrecom’s vision is to be a forward-thinking company in the information and communication technology market, which is in perpetual evolution.

Through the 1,000 employees that work for Sofrecom worldwide, the company has skills in terms of anticipation, management, maintenance and quality services. Definitely, Sofrecom now counts many assets: knowledge of emerging markets for over 40 years, multi-talents in various fields, a name in the top 30 global telecom consulting companies and a shareholder of the tip telecoms.
Company website